"I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am with my order...

The best and most comfortable breast form. First time I have gone out not feeling self conscious. No pulling, tugging or looking down to see if anything was showing. I ordered the swimmie breast form because I sweat so bad and everything irritates me where I had my surgery. You also sent me a breast form to try and review. I LOVE IT. Wore a sports bra first time, no pockets no underwire. I was in heaven. Passing this info to my sister also. Thank you so much."

- Linda (florida)

"My Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000...

She ended up having a partial mastectomy which took place in two surgeries. My Mom has other health issues and she felt that getting reconstructive surgery wasn't safe for her. So for 17 years she has worn a prosthetic. The insurance would never cover it and they were very costly. She ended up getting foam forms and they didn't look right. She'd always been confident about her body until the cancer and the surgeries. My Mom had depression issues because of it. 


My 3 year old daughter wanted my mother to start swimming with her, which is why I sought out your form after my mother told me she felt like a freak with being so lopsided. When we got them today she was amazed at not only how it looked when she put it on but how it made her look normal and feel "whole". 


Thank you from my bottom of my heart for making her feel good about herself when she looks in the mirror. It's been so long since I've seen that. She said she wished she knew where these have been for the nearly 2 decades she'd dealt with crappy forms that made her feel as crappy as they looked. Thank you for giving her that. A million thank yous for the regular form you also sent her. You should market these to some bra stores. We've never seen anything as good as this. If my Mom feels as good as she does in a few hours of wearing this form I can't imagine what others would feel.

- Margot (New Jersey)

"These forms are AMAZING! 

They conform perfectly and have just enough weight to stay in place.  Such a great alternative to the silicon forms that are so hot and heavy.  Give them a try.  You will LOVE them."

- Chris (South Carolina)

"This is great!

Makes you want to swim again.  The best service and the best product.  Very VERY HAPPY!"

- Sue (Arkansas)

"THIS IS THE MOST COMFORTABLE I've felt in 5 years!"

I actually got one of the "Swimmies," but wouldn't hesitate to get this version at all (in fact, I'm going to). I had a single-sided mastectomy 5 years ago. I wore the breast form with a sports bra today. After several hours: THIS IS THE MOST COMFORTABLE I've felt in 5 years! The form is weighted enough so that the bra doesn't ride up, and I can't even feel it. No pocket was needed. Thank you so much!

- Julie (new mexico)

"I am crying"...

I am a thirteen year breast cancer survivor, and I have finally found the most comfortable breast form. It looks no natural, and it doesn’t move. I don’t have words to thank you."

- Deborah (Kentucky)

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